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Refused to search engine to build a new website promotion

is now on the search engines do lose faith, also published his own view, writing is not, forgive me.

personal feeling, what to write original, content based, you are still around the SEO, you write is also relying on the search engine in the traffic flow, these do not have to say that you do stand who do not know?

now if the site, first consider the domain name, if you want to get rid of the search engine, with other marketing methods, the domain name is not good basic failure.


is publicity, you from the search engine, I think the best publicity should be in some large sites, such as Sina, Baidu, Sohu, Post Bar, anyway, you do not fear what K, rogue mode can be used. QQ group, the message is actually a good choice, but try to write a detailed description of the site in the message or e-mail content, do not get like spam. As you look disgusted, do you think people will see? QQ group had better not go in direct website, make it seem like sending machine, can add your website for the crowd of QQ group, and then into the mix a little, and finally to everybody, estimates that no one off. Pay attention, do not force others to look at your site, if it is a forum of what, you can say that together with the development of the majority of people are interested in. Allow users to respond to comments, what should be added, these people should do.

site stickiness, this is really related to the content, but not to the search engine to see, there is no need for any original, key words. A little with No.

you now stick to the user, not the search engine, to the user’s snapshot, not a snapshot of Baidu.

himself to find a way. I only say promotion.

domain name. If your domain name is good, so I do not believe you can not promote the development of the marketing model. If the domain name is poor, you want to change the user’s point of view, you can put this chatty domain name remember? Would you recommend this web site to others? You do not want to pay more attention to the user experience, you can think how to love a website.

site early, if you have money (as long as a small amount), you can get some activity, this is indeed a good way to attract popularity, which are better publicity QQ group. As for the activities, I think you have participated in a lot of, I do not have to say it. For example, the forum play send Q coins, novel station can carry out the name of the web site on the web site can send Q coins. A lot of ways, I think on the line.

in fact, I now pay more attention to the navigation station, we all said that the navigation station has no hope, but if you really set up a good navigation station, your webmaster career helpful.

I really want to in a certain period of a day, suddenly all the webmaster broke, the website all limit spider visit, Baidu is not love K station, now the Baidu K. Search results if the content of the poor. I think the reaction of netizens will tell us that a new era is coming!



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