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Summer bath industry encounter off-season how to carry out off-season promotions

hot summer air temperature is high, many people will take a shower at home, bath industry has also ushered in the off-season business. The most recent survey of small bath center Changsha City, to achieve small profits in the off-season, launched various promotional activities to attract people,


is the most common way of promotion is a price war, and tried many! Bath prices are generally higher than season decreased by about 20%. For example, some large bath, the original 200 yuan bath price 160 yuan or so, more businesses play a variety of bundled promotions.

can’t deny this, "cries" or pocketed the user’s eye, the weather is hot let bath industry in the off-season price war is inevitable, but can still attract most people to consume

!Ms. Lee

operating in the bath industry for 6 years, is a large bath center manager, said the introduction, small profits is to deal with the off-season measures, such as the introduction of "wash and rub bundling" promotional attraction to the user is still very large, we also realize the interests of.

also said that regardless of season or off-season sales, for the introduction of Tengyun bath management software for information management is very satisfied. At the same time also like Xiao Bian said the software for the bath shop can be hand tailored management and rooms, and the rooms and service to realize the automatic timing and charging management, flexible and practical. Do not worry about the flow of personnel, do not need to know the computer, do not need special training can easily get started.


software system interface

then, Ms. Lee also told Xiao Bian demonstrated the system interface Tengyun bath management software, introduced in detail and the operation of the various aspects of the function, and that the software interface is very simple, the operation is very intuitive and useful before any other bath management software, after a friend to use, basically this software function almost all experience. But always choose to use Tencent bath management software, is the value of its simple operation, sales management is very flexible, the upgrade is also very convenient, customer service is also very good, there is the basic problem of on-site service, and on call.

then the reporter landing Tengyun bath management software website (www.flyhight.com), as one of the characteristics of products jcipc’s software, and download the trial version of experience, software is simple and easy to use, complete function, the flexible promotion management mode, not only to support the whole audience singles fold, discount, also support the consumption of specific project project and other gifts consumption over a specified amount after discount etc..

Xiao Bian also learned that the proposed intelligent wireless solutions provider as the first, software unique compane technician is very easy, on the clock also more clear and orderly, make the management more intelligent, more efficient, better quality of service. The software is widely used in the sauna bath, foot bath, entertainment and leisure venues.

summer is the bathing season, off-season how to improve sales?


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