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Promoting new self exposure an online activity on the Pacific Forum

novice, engaged in the promotion, but more than a month, the new site, which belongs to the shopping search site, similar to a scouring network. The recent revision of the site, the company hopes to be able to plan to promote a program to quickly improve the site traffic and visibility. In the face of this heavy responsibility, I went into battle. After reading a lot of experience, I began to learn now sell. I think the first step is the site of the internal optimization and SEO, what keywords setting, fixed links, soft, the chain, the chain and so on, but I do not understand technology, cannot read the code, can write soft article, send the chain, so tragic. Well, I skip it and do an online activity.

Analysis of

site location: site, small scale, mainly to provide consumers with online shopping before the product search and price comparison service, equivalent to a third party shopping guide platform, in the same industry in addition to a scouring network, other competitors are basically at the stage of development, and domestic users in online shopping is basically no use shopping search habit.

two, activity objectives: to improve the site traffic and user experience, improve the site’s function, training and guide users to use online shopping before the habit of shopping search.

three, the theme of the activity is tentatively scheduled for finding fault with award to the iPad2 website, after all, certainly there will be a lot of mistakes, why not take the masses to shoot two hawks with one arrow.

four, active way: because we are not well-known, so look for the Pacific computer network cooperation, we provide prizes, the Pacific platform at the city forum to top posts in the form of operation, at the same time on its website on hard wide. Period from August 11th to September 14th.

five, participate in the way: in the use of than for the process of shopping search, submit screenshots of the Pacific Forum thread problem, and put forward constructive suggestions, the final merit awards.

six, Master award awards: pick a iPad2; the best Critics Award – thousand dollars a mobile phone; enthusiastic participation award 20 awards for 4G USB; – 20 yuan bill 60, 4G 10, a total of 8 thousand yuan.

where a shopping search register or submit at least one problem and the top to below floor will be offered for award, first floor: 84, 195, 326, 457, 608, 809, 1001, 1201, 1501, 1801, 2001, 2301, 2501, 2801, 3101, 3701, 4301. 4901, 5801, 6701, 7301, 7501, 8301, the rest of the award will be announced in September 16th.

seven, the expected effect: to improve the site’s design and functional use, the cumulative increase of about 20 thousand IP, access to thousands of registered users, leaving some impression in the Pacific friends.

cost calculation: prizes about 8K or so, put on a number of text books in the Pacific Internet advertising and advertising 7900>


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