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Don’t cry so written advertising copy dry cargo do not make thing

new "advertising law" was formally implemented today, the word has become a copy of the hearts of the pain. If you are a sales champion, also can’t write all net sales of the first, even if you sell is handed down from father’s father’s father’s father’s father’s secret, don’t write "ancestral"; even if you put the underwear made sharks swimsuit texture, don’t write "gourmet"; even Taobao do not sell, can not be "universal"


new advertising law prohibited words:





sellers, the platform overnight modify advertising:


Suning: on the page ad has been adjusted almost. This kind of bragging forced advertising methods in previous years has begun to adjust, in recent years, we will be more functional and scene type of advertising, the kind of advertising is relatively warm.

three squirrels: advertising words are being modified, the description of some products are also a lot of changes, some of the limits of all deleted words, do not meet the requirements of the description has also been modified.

however, the master is still in the civil:



ellipsis in thousands and thousands of words.


"good copy" template



don’t say first, we say second


no need not its pole

this morning I have been in Tmall, the Jingdong complaints more than 40 stores, according to a compensation of 200 thousand, at least $8 million, and has been familiar with new advertising law, earning million is not a dream! At the same time also has been optimistic about the Ocean View Villa, one million luxury car has drive, will arrive at any time… Can fuck ~ ~ Nani said suddenly suspended?! are you sure you’re not kidding me? (this idea is purely fictional)

is fake, how to do?

really want to encounter fake do? Users sorted out the methods to deal with the same God, is "good":


according to the advertising law, limit term shall not appear in the list of goods, merchandise page title, subtitle, the main figure, the details page, and packaging and other locations. The use of the word limit illegal businesses, will be penalized, and was more than two hundred thousand yuan, one million.


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