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Expert sland registered company bank two or three.

after the completion of the new company registration process, the next will be in the bank account. Just then, a number of banks, how to choose is the most favorable to the enterprise? Account the choice of what needs attention? Opening process and how is it? Don’t worry, Shanghai Island expert (http://s.niurendao.com) told you.

bank account for the initial construction of small businesses should be the most time-consuming one. Bank account will generally go through the following process:


domestic banks are similar, service or product or not what essential difference, and a new company, it is impossible to obtain bank credit immediately, therefore, it is recommended that the preferred with friends or acquaintances of the bank, it is relatively easy for some.

1 bank selection

now, online banking has been widely into the office area, used by most enterprises. But sometimes for bulk transfers and retrieve single items still need to go back and forth between the company and the bank. Therefore, if there is a bank near the Bank branch, will be relatively convenient.

followed by the cost problem. Generally speaking, the basic difference between the cost of account is not. Part of the low cost of bank accounts, often in the latter part of the business will have a lot of restrictions. Therefore, the company should pay attention to open an account when dealing with clear.

2 bank open basic account flow

(1) bank verification documents.

(2) customer to fill in the "application for opening the bank settlement account", and stamped with official seal.

(3) the bank and the depositor shall sign the "agreement on the settlement of the accounts of the unit bank settlement of RMB".

(4) to fill in the relevant enterprise registration form".

(5) bank will under the approval of the people’s Bank approved. Approved and issued by the "account opening permit" after the opening line will "account opening permit" and the original password "," customer account application retained copy to the customer sign.

3 account opening materials

units to open an account, should be ready for the original business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, the original identity card and other copies and two copies.

person or person in charge of the unit should be based on my identity card and a copy of the authorization for others to handle authorization should be issued at the same time with the legal person or person in charge of the unit official seal, identity card, the legal person or the person in charge of the unit and bank managers and a copy of the bank, retained authorization and copy of ID card in the archives custody account.

companies completed the registration of the bank account, but also facilitate subsequent tax reports. It seems that each process is independent of each other, but a faster and better convergence will allow the company to function as a


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