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Network nformation Office a crackdown 1 million 800 thousand micro-blog WeChat QQ

according to the national Internet information office news September 19th, network information office continued to further promote the pornography · net net 2014 special action, has recently focused on cleaning up the dissemination of pornographic information in a number of illegal accounts, closed micro blog, blog, paste it, WeChat account 150. According to statistics, since the beginning of this year to carry out net net action, the law has been closed to spread pornographic information in micro blog account, more than 150 thousand prostitutes, prostitutes engaged in WeChat and other mobile instant messaging account more than 70, the dissemination of pornographic information is WeChat instant communication tool of public accounts for more than 3000 months, illegal QQ the account of more than 90.

was shut down this special action in the micro blog, WeChat, QQ and other accounts, leads mainly from three aspects: one is the Tencent, Sina and other Internet companies self correction, the initiative to clean off the account; two is the national network information office organized a special force monitoring verification, order the enterprise to investigate the account; the three is based on the the public report, the Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center and confirmation, urging the site to investigate the account. Account being investigated include three categories, one is to release a large number of pornographic pictures, such as graphic miscellaneous McCain X Sina micro-blog account in June this year released a number of pornographic pictures, a dew point dynamic picture; two is to release a large number of pornographic articles, such as "double sweet" and "ice 8" WeChat public account, "my husband and everyday and Sina micro-blog account released a large number of explicit description of pornographic text; the three is released trick prostitute information, such as" Xi’an "=" and "young model – Shanshan and QQ account," undivided attention for your service "and Sina micro-blog account in personal space, data released etc. pornographic, trick prostitute information.

National Internet Information Office official said, the public report is an important channel to investigate the Internet pornographic information. Internet users found deliberately spreading pornographic information website, account, both can be submitted to the relevant website, but also through the Internet to report illegal and harmful information center.


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