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nteractive Encyclopedia to SAC Baidu antitrust investigation

yesterday, the world’s largest Chinese Wikipedia site – Interactive Encyclopedia (hudong.com), formally submitted to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce for Baidu antitrust investigation application. Interactive Encyclopedia requires SAIC Baidu investigation and impose a fine of 790 million.

according to the reporter, the Interactive Encyclopedia in the application: a request, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in accordance with the law on the Baidu antitrust investigation; two, the request shall be ordered to immediately stop Baidu abuse of market dominance behavior, stop words on the Network Interactive Encyclopedia to screen or drop right, according to the natural order of Baidu search engine algorithms for entry to natural search rankings, without undue interference with the natural search ranking results; three, according to the request of Baidu punished by a fine of 790 million yuan.

yesterday, Interactive Encyclopedia insiders, in fact in a Baidu site search entry, search results, Baidu encyclopedia will be ranked in the first or second position, and for the Interactive Encyclopedia interpretation of entries, but not included or included although but ranked in the pages of. Google and other similar search engines, search results of the same entry, the interpretation of the Interactive Encyclopedia can basically be displayed on the home page. This Baidu not included interactive encyclopedia entries and deliberately reduce ranking included belongs to use the search engine status to restrict or hinder other competitive products, Baidu is in violation of the "anti-monopoly law" article sixth.

Interactive Encyclopedia in the end of the petition submitted to the Baidu antitrust strongly said: if you let Baidu as the ultimate damage will be the interests of society and the Internet users." In this regard, a jurist said, this will be the first Chinese Internet competition antitrust investigation case.

yesterday evening the reporter interviewed Baidu official, the only people to make a very official reply, he said, Baidu has been committed to providing the best search results and search for the user experience, while Baidu encyclopedia as a free service, also continued to high quality and stable service for users. Favor. Baidu believes that in the free and open stage of the Internet, any value for the community, Internet users have equal opportunities for development.


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