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The Spring Festival Red war also came to the Alipay and QQ AR as the main battlefield

Abstract: last year’s new year’s Eve, sitting at home to brush a red envelope, and this year, there may be more people on the streets to grab red envelopes".


in November this year, Taobao has also launched a mobile phone to sweep the play "hide and seek" cash grab red AR game (photo: visual Chinese)

although the heat of Pokemon Go is no longer, but it is the creation of the AR interactive game play has been constantly imitate and use.

today, Alipay announced that during the Spring Festival this year, it will launch "AR real red play, will be the main battlefield of the line to the line.

This is a

based on the "LBS+AR+ red" interactive way, users in the hair, grab a red envelope, are needed to meet the geographical position and the real AR scan two conditions. The AR red will be divided into individual to individual red envelopes and business to individual red envelopes.

it is understood that Alipay will be in 5 today after the completion of the new version of the line, the user opens the Alipay will be able to see the new "red envelopes" in "red envelopes" AR real option.

in the specific operation, the user only needs to open Alipay, click on "red envelopes", choose "AR" real red, then select "hidden red envelopes", respectively set the location information, map, red number, collect clues to people and other information, on the formation of a real red AR. After that, the clue to figure to your friends by Alipay, WeChat, QQ and other social networking platform to send, invite friends to receive.

AR (Alipay: Red real pictures from


this is the person to person red play, and businesses on the personal side, you need to participate in the brand side, and had a similar brand naming envelopes will be in cash and coupons to appear in the AR real red envelopes.


AR real red product zero Dragon said that the next line stores, is a natural way of drainage. For example, a line of restaurants can set up a AR real red, will be located in front of the store, the store logo as clues to map, can attract users to participate.

and more than two play, red collar conditions must meet the two points: 1, go to the pool of red envelopes within 500 meters; 2, find clues to the object in the picture, open the Alipay sweep.

AR (Alipay map red photo:


in addition to get direct clues from friends and family (personal red envelopes to individuals), users can also be on the red map, see other users, businesses issued red envelopes (business to individual red envelopes). If the red envelopes of the recipients as anyone, the user can follow the clues and geographic location tips, looking for red envelopes.

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