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Data of the United States to retain the secrets of Baidu GOOGLE users (2)

Site traffic statistics system the most powerful

will be born in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the author in the U.S. data statistics the secret of Baidu GOOGLE (1) mentioned in the analysis of the concept of some user mouse behavior. I did not expect so many owners are concerned about this, and even some webmaster friends through a variety of channels to find the author would like to know more details. Webmaster friends have a lot of curiosity and I doubt in the communication process, we ask are similar, such as: always say, on the Internet, nobody knows the cable behind the monitor is a person or a dog, how to judge? For this question I contacted the Institute of computing, they are given a query page. In this query page you can query any of the key words of the gender distribution, including the distribution of men and women on any URL, the address has been linked to two days, we can go back to their inquiries.


for how to achieve, the Chinese Academy of Sciences guy online and did not give the author to explain in detail, but he told the author of such a concept. Through the statistical data, how to analyze your customers? How to keep your users a user? No matter where it comes from, he normally during browsing experience on the following: during the period of fresh, with period, recession, leaving the site, four stages. How to extend the user’s stay in the site cycle is a problem that we need to be solved urgently. Just think, if the user can reach a certain period of time before the arrival of the user to return to a new period of immersion or addiction, thereby reducing the loss of users, to a large extent, improve the value of the site. Allow users to stay in the site for a long time, or to stay in the webmaster friends want him to stay. In my opinion, this is more worthy of the master to understand the concept of learning, so the author of the Chinese Academy of Sciences dr.. In the course of the discussion, he again referred to Baidu and GOOGLE on this matter, some of the practices.


looks like is graph king man cares much note: Copyright: Gender Analysis for the above keywords analysis system of Baidu data system, the above picture

provided by Baidu Inc


note: the above copyright: Keywords gender analysis analysis system of system, Baidu data in the picture

provided by Baidu Inc

GOOGLE and Baidu are based on their long-term statistics to the visitor information, then set up a model of the user, even in different channels, they will set up a user model, the concept of user model is as follows:

Persona (Persona is the abbreviation of the user model) is a fictitious user to represent a user group. A persona can be more representative than any real individual. >


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