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Another stolen! 6V movie network 2 domain name stolen

renamed China (eName.cn) August 8th news, recently, the video site 6V movie network announced that the original official domain name 6vdy.com and dy131.com has been stolen, to enable the new domain name 6vhao.com/.net. The stolen two domain names are now being built with the 6V movie network exactly the same as the two stations, 6V film said, has come to the most dangerous time!

figure: 6V movie domain stolen

According to

revealed that the 6V movie network two domain names 6vdy.com and dy131.com have stolen a long time, but there has been no change DNS hacker, until the day before the change of DNS, and also the two domain name into 2 stations and 6vhao.com/.net as like as two peas. The query name China whois system, the two domain indeed in the last month there have been changes in domain name information and DNS change.

station has 4 years of history of the 6V film network, formerly known as 66ys, because of the problem of 66ys.cn was renamed 6V movie, the development has been loved by many users. For the domain name stolen, 6V movie network said, in the case of the external environment so unbearable, the move is undoubtedly worse, crying without tears".

recently, the domain name theft occurred frequently. In May this year, the prospective network also occurred in the domain name theft, serious consequences caused by the loss of billions of dollars. In March, the official website of the BT movie download station dream paradise dragon network domain name is also stolen, so that the site suffered the biggest crisis ever. Thus, the choice of a suitable domain registrar, to ensure that the domain name security is extremely important.


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