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The seventh session of the annual meeting of the outstanding nternet business quotations

by Kang Sheng (Comsenz), and laggards (im286) Co hosted the seventh annual meeting of China Internet webmaster "on April 7th at the International Conference Center in Beijing ended, a total of 4000 owners from across the country attended the meeting.


figure: 2012 annual meeting of the site panorama

of the meeting by Kang Sheng company market general manager Zhang Xiang presided over the planning and invited to attend, the founder Lei Jun millet, Kang Sheng company president Dai Zhikang, CEO Li Guoqing, dangdang.com Innovation workshop chief operating officer Tao Ning, Jobs angel investor Li Zongnan, happy net founder Cheng Bing Hao, Tencent social platform general manager Zheng Zhihao, DCCI data center IT founder Hu Yanping and other chiefs, the common employment sector and the owners are most concerned about the Internet business, e-commerce, mobile Internet and other hot topics in-depth discussion and wonderful keynote speeches and published views. Reporter selected a number of important guests of the business quotations finishing.

Dai Zhikang: personal webmaster one person playing the world has ended


figure: Kang Sheng company president, Discuz! Founder Dai Zhikang

Dai Zhikang at the annual meeting to share the entrepreneurial trend of the owners, he said: with the development of the times, a person playing the world has been declared the end of the era. Adsense group began to more professional."

Dai Zhikang said that over the past 5 years, the title of the title of the object has changed, before the station is usually a sense of personal webmaster, is a person facing a computer, do a station operation. Now, with the development of the Internet, found that individual combat in most areas is no longer a model of sustainable development. Team oriented, commercial operation has become inevitable. Dai Zhikang said, for this change a little bit inexplicable loss. Individual stationmaster started chipping away the original user, the original capital accumulation, always in the most grass-roots cooperation stage, this is not suitable for the development of today’s society.

face a lot of opportunities and temptations, the webmaster to make a choice, we must catch the most suitable for their own segments, in these areas, there will always be a lot of not being met the needs and opportunities." Dai Zhikang said. Thus, in the new version of Discuz! X reconstruction process, we put all the code for the application and logic separately, so we can use the API way, packing each data interface. Future Discuz! X version, the user in the use of a subdivision function, he can be very free installation.

It is reported that

, Dai Zhikang and Discuz! R & D team in the annual meeting of collective debut, and Kang Sheng company vice president, Zhaojiang laggards, founder Dong Qinfeng jointly issued the Discuz! X2.5 official version, this version is introduced for the first time.


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