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Personal online shop will be part of the tax collection process will exit

Internet operators request

Beijing model for licenses may be the first step in the future taxes taken. However, once the tax collection process, it may also be a small impact on the formation of individual shops, some small-scale shop may face the possibility of exiting the C2C market.

Beijing white-collar Yang Yang used his spare time to open a cosmetics shop on the net, the monthly turnover is not too big, but the shop has a steady flow, do not need any manpower cost, small profits. However, such days may be gone forever.

with a paper notice of Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau, known as the zero threshold of the individual shop to bid farewell to "unlicensed" day, a debate is a blessing or a curse will follow.

personal shop license system is the most talked about three

1 in the residential building must be engaged in e-commerce, in the industry committee or the committee agreed to the consent of the relevant interests of the residents after the open, to be registered;

2 registered enterprises or self-employed, if e-commerce business beyond the scope of the original business scope, the need for change of registration;

3 on the Internet for sale, replacement of their own goods, and not for profit purposes can not be registered.

Beijing model sparked controversy

March 6, 2008, Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau issued a draft regulation of e-commerce, the scope of online shop license shall be refined. The draft in consultation with the social recommendations, and strive to formally introduced at the end of March, and implemented during the year.

as early as December 1, 2007, "Beijing city informatization promotion regulations" implemented, Beijing city took the lead in the provisions of the online business shall obtain the business license in accordance with the law, known as the regulation of e-commerce in Beijing — the individual shop licence system. However, the regulations on how to do, and who have no specific need to do specific definition.

this year, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry in the draft clearly stipulates that: one for the purpose of e-commerce operators are required to register, after receiving a business license to operate.

Beijing Electronic Commerce Association Secretary General linya said in an interview with this reporter, from the point of view, the "licence" shows the supervision of relevant departments of electronic commerce is a gradual process, but also in the draft to guide and regulate. "This bill is more online trading mode of C2C, the law-abiding people, such provision is not a bad thing, but also make the market more standardized."

owner’s joy and sorrow

2007 full year, China’s online shopping market turnover reached 59 billion 400 million yuan. Taobao alone, the number of users reached 53 million in 2007.

Internet personal transactions boom, filled with all kinds of virtual >


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