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Other people’s money to play group purchase websites are frequent arrears run away


group said the boss suddenly closed the amount owed tens of thousands of group purchase websites only more than and 400

within three years

newspaper news (reporter Xue Song) and a group purchase website closed down! The day before, a company called "the group" group purchase website linked to the closed statement, because the aftermath of the problem has not been solved properly, the site suddenly shut down the site caused dissatisfaction of customers and suppliers. Data show that so far the country has thousands of buy site closed down rate of up to 80%.

consumers and businesses suffered arrears

on the 9 day, many consumers found that "the mission" has been unable to access the web page, only the page in a brief announcement: as the business relationship is not normal for everyone to provide services, service will be suspended from now on.

reporter inquiries, the site’s registered name of the company Beijing Hao Cheng World Technology Co., Ltd., registered capital of 100 thousand yuan, the site began operating in 2010.

suddenly went out of business, many consumers and businesses are concerned that their money will come to naught. There are complaints that consumers in the micro-blog, in December last year the group purchased a domestic tourism travel agency said, later full, then apply for a refund, but after the website phone is very difficult to get through, every three or four days to get through the time, every other notice said the financial refund, unsuccessfully. I suddenly closed.


in this regard, group 9, said in the announcement: part of the arrears will try within three years to pay off all, please contact the merchant and other information sent to a mailbox for confirmation. In spite of this, many users still can recover the arrears half believe and half doubt.

last year, the failure rate as high as 80%

buy industry has been hot for a while, but just a few years from the peak of this industry fell to the bottom. Previously, there have been 24 coupons, Groupon and other large group purchase website gathered network failure phenomenon. Relevant data show that in 2012, the number of sites to reduce the number of buy more than 2 thousand to the second half of 2013 was reduced to more than and 400, the failure rate of up to 80%. The peak time to buy the site has reached ten thousand.

experts say, buy the market is still growing, but the future will be left only a few large buy site. Data show that last year the overall size of the industry to buy more than 35 billion yuan in the estimated year on year, an increase of 65% over the previous year, the overall size of the group is expected to buy this year will reach more than $50 billion.

But the

market has been the survival of the fittest oligopoly situation, the latest data from the group of 800, turnover in November 2013 the U.S. mission network, public comment, Wo Wo Group was 1 billion 728 million yuan, 1 billion 21 million yuan and 336 million yuan, ranked the top three industries accounted for the entire industry, the market share of 81.4% in November.

The drawbacks of the

investment threshold is too low the advance fee of unconstrained

> model


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