QQ public number will be the next tuyere

Lei Jun said: standing on the air, pigs can fly. WeChat is such a tuyere, the achievements of many people. Not only the pigs, but the dinosaurs.

yesterday afternoon, I broke the blog on the phone QQ public numbers for the public to launch the application function, and later the news caused a lot of media, Internet users forwarded, especially WeChat circle of friends.


the vast majority of people missed the WeChat, QQ public number may be an opportunity to copy the opportunity. The air is coming? Can you fly to the sky?


may be too much to register the account, it is the weekend, not many people responsible for the public number QQ, QQ currently has the entrance registration closed. It is said that the test stage, accidentally put the address out, currently only open more than and 100 account permissions, will be officially opened in the 8-9 month, so we registered last night, may be empty. Nevertheless, we are still looking forward to the open registration of QQ public numbers.

because of this news release, a lot of people to QQ and WeChat (13340454) asked me, I am here unified reply:

in the end the subscription number or service number


individual registered subscription number, relatively fast, and the service number requires business license. Subscription number, will be folded in the phone QQ, and WeChat subscription number, like a message can be sent every day. Although the service number will not be folded, but the contents of the release is controlled by the system, although it can not be said to send a few, but most of the service number should be issued only four per month. Unless the official news media, can not let you every day.

registered other subscription number / service number is


test of the same name Lou song song, can be registered, the registered keyword means, such as Haier, Jingdong, such as GREE keyword has no meaning. It’s like WeChat can have a number of certified micro providers subscription number, no meaning. But ID is only, like WeChat ID, if you registered Haier (Haier) for public number ID, the value is very big. But perhaps Tencent will have a brand protection policy, like this big brand, perhaps you will be canceled after a few days of registration.


do the Internet people know that QQ has the world’s largest mobile QQ users, 603 million monthly active accounts, WeChat and WeChat 549 million monthly active accounts, thus, QQ users are still more than WeChat users, although the growth rate has slowed down QQ PC end users, but in the mobile terminal, QQ and WeChat did not appear "shift", the growth rate of more than 30%, believe that beyond many people’s expectations.

from the current QQ public policy point of view: an ID card, a mobile phone number can only be registered 5, the other name can be repeated, but ID can not


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