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Zhang Fangwen network promotion tool Baidu series product promotion

to do SEO friends should know that all the work they do, is when the user to search for a particular keyword, can make their site in Baidu’s home page ten results, one of them even if successful! But the cost is high, and is very unstable, when Baidu algorithm when changed, ranking will follow change


since there are so many adverse factors, then we can have other ways, let our website can have good rankings, but also will never be K? The answer is yes, Zhang Fangwen today to introduce several methods of Baidu series of product promotion, promotion of Baidu products can make about you the website information long row in Baidu home page, and as long as you do enough, even in Baidu, two, page three is on your website! (Note: this method only for the index below 1000 key words, effective) I give you introduce


A: Baidu Encyclopedia

The weight of

Baidu encyclopedia that all obvious to people! Is not generally high, as Baidu encyclopedia do go? Zhang Fangwen suggest that we must do something about their own brands, and some valuable information, but also to do the preliminary work accordingly, for example we want to do this "Zhang Fangwen" Baidu at first, you want to describe this entry, then is to find the relevant information of the keywords in the search engine, not on the Internet without any information of the word submission of this entry, if one can not be submitted by several times to be


two: Baidu post bar

is the first to find the relevant Post Bar, as long as it can reduce the chance of owners, there is a post keyword density should pay attention to, the general needs to be higher than 2%-8%, because this station is not our own website, but Baidu’s own products, so there is no keyword stuffing this statement. For the site where the problem? Zhang Fangwen suggested that you upload pictures, and then contact and web site to stay in the picture.

three: Baidu knows

because this method is more common, and do too much Baidu know, so it was deleted and banned a great chance, suggest you hang agent or use VPN to ask questions, then it is to remember each one question is to clear the local cookies, which can effectively prevent Baidu monitoring system tracking. And then have the skills to answer, do not just ask the next second to answer, do not have only one answer set the best answer, the respondent’s IP best distributed throughout the country.

four: Baidu space


space is a good platform for the promotion, but also pay attention to more, in addition to often update the article, increase the density of keywords, anchor text and keywords, there is time to register the best use of relevant keywords as a user name, title and Jane.


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