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Website optimization promotion experience table sharing

before going to the field to talk about cooperation, has no time to surf the internet. The lost (my name + net name) blog domain name expires, no time to renew, the result was registered to. But only for the domain name, so I use my real name Lin Lixiang registered a domain name. Welcome to the Lin Lixiang network marketing blog exchange. For a long time did not do the new station. This is simply the blog thoroughly re engage. At the same time, I promote the new curriculum table dedicated to everyone, after we can enjoy the promotion of new sites. The bullish method to promote new sites in peacetime, but will speak a hole in space, has been floating on the surface. Everyone seems to understand after reading, but really do not know where to start operating. Here I give you a detailed account of this course. Learning website optimization more, please login to take www.xuanxue.com  network;

1, before site optimization: take a good mind and easy to spread the name of the site, or a high correlation with your website content website name. For example, a friend of my site, Haixi information network to see the name of the first glance so that everyone will think this is a local information release site. And then according to the location of your web site to select the location of the content of the most suitable for your site 1~3 accurate keywords and 2~3 long tail keywords. Finally, describe your website with a simple and concise words. Finally, use the SEO tool to check the title, keywords, description of the site, etc.. Do not change after all processing. Because the search engine will change after the search that you do not clear positioning you into the observation period, the direct included down to 1. To the website rankings and included it is difficult that. This one must remember. Then design a web site map. Will not be able to go online to find map making software to do. After more than ready to submit the site to visit the major search engines, etc..

2, before the promotion content preparation: prepare at least 100 original articles related to the content of the web site or false original article (if there is a product exhibition site, before also prepare all product descriptions and pictures). The article first do not send to the site, using word editor, the article in the key words all hyperlinks to your web site home page address. You saved. There must be a friend who asks, why don’t you publish it, because the Baidu spider hasn’t come yet?. You made so many times, and finally the real Baidu caught is the last ten of your hair. In front of so many to work with. In addition, a good preparation for a strong readability of the original article, for the follow-up to promote the preparation of soft.

3, before the promotion of resource collection: the registration of 2 mailboxes for the registration of account. Popular network favorites registered 10 different websites for your website content with. Sign up for 10 different web sites for blogs and websites. Collect 10 popular web sites or classified information that is used to distribute information to attract search engine spiders to your site. Collection of 10~15 QQ QQ group (preferably a group of new sites) used >


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