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The most creative way to surf the nternet in 2007

      the beginning of this article to ask you a question:

      there are four ways to enter the "Pacific computer network" www.pconline.com.cn, which do you think is the fastest and most convenient?

      1 direct input URL entry;

      2 search through Baidu;

      3 navigate through the URL;

      4 through Chinese Internet access;

      from the most primitive one by one word to enter the web page and then open the page, to the last appeared in the Chinese Internet, we have experienced four ways to open the page changes. But these four methods have been developed for the last 7 or 8 years, is this the 7 or 8 years there is no way to appear in the fifth? The answer is satisfactory. It is time to introduce these fifth novel ways. (the following two sections can be skipped)

      for 1- direct input site trouble, Chinese Internet has made a certain degree of improvement, the use of Chinese instead of Web site, to avoid the input http / www / COM trouble. But have you ever thought of typing Chinese is also a kind of trouble?

      for 1, 2, 4 by the input to open the site, the site navigation made a revolutionary change. So this is the ultimate way? Certainly not! The site is the biggest advantage of site navigation is the biggest drawback, one hand. More and more to meet the requirements of all aspects of the user, on the other hand. The Tastes differ all tastes. also increased, many users looking for trouble. If there is a way, what I need it to appear, of course, is the best.

                the fifth way is from the site to the fillip theurgy, can solve the above problems. The site will be the name of each site to establish a link between the acronym and its address, similar to the Chinese Internet, as long as the importation of a website Pinyin abbreviation can immediately open the appropriate website. Although this is the input to open the web page, but it has the characteristics of the above can not be comparable.


      1 is usually the first to enter the Chinese phonetic alphabet, friends first look at an input efficiency comparison, we can experience from the process which side


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