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The accurate promotion method of talent recruitment website

I had written "analysis" technique in bulk mail talent website promotion in

a few days ago, a lot of friends to take the initiative to find a mass mailing and interest themselves in the promotion of the difficulties, it touched me deeply. Today, we are here to discuss the promotion and application of SMS in our SEO and the impact of today’s website is still an example. Because I have been engaged in the promotion of talent website.

SMS promotion method is also called the "precise Promotion Law", exactly is through marketing precise positioning technology can be quantified to break through the traditional promotion positioning only qualitative limitations; keep close interaction between the enterprise and customer communication, so as to continuously meet customer demand, to establish a stable enterprise loyal customer base, customers realize the chain reaction the proliferation, so as to achieve the long-term stability of the enterprise development needs. For example: Zhengzhou talent network, talent site recruitment market differentiation and positioning is the key link in modern marketing activities. Only the accurate identification of the recruitment market, in order to ensure the effective market and recruitment products and brand positioning.

enterprise is our personnel for the customer, and how customers build character communication system? From accurate promotion literally you can see it is not used in mass communication, it is accurate. This communication may have the following forms: DM, EDM, straight back advertising, telephone, text messaging, network promotion, etc.. These things are not new. DM is the mail, EDM is the web mail. Here is to talk about the precise promotion of SMS promotion.

and over the phone and personal messages do allow us to pay New Year’s call compared to line the industrialization way to express feelings, classmates, friends, colleagues, partners, colleagues…… We must go to the elders to families like children pay New Year’s call, now is the eyes staring at the mobile phone, rush to reply, too tired, as though the words of blessing message, just a few words, nothing more than being.

in such a strong festive atmosphere, even received some marketing information, most people do not mind, after all we love to be blessed, people do not blame the officiating, marketing than this simple gifts, dinner after all pure, people have received much more confident. And our mood, but also with our text messages such as spring rain, "the wind into the night", nourishing each other’s hearts.

therefore, even some people criticized this line like SMS in the dilution of our emotions ", despite criticism of utilitarian message is strong, but we think that this is the inevitable result of the development of the times, see the spring festival society caused by the great migration, which is the epitome of the era of drastic changes. Marketing people is even more so, they fought in the civil war, between the various industries, colleagues and friends so much as in the past, could not walk a few miles to get together, drink a few cups of easy exchange, therefore, to send a message, is also a kind of thought.

as for the marketing managers, the bosses of the professional companies, they


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