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The importance of network marketing effect monitoring strategy in the whole process

network marketing is an important part of the Internet business to be faced. Compared to offline marketing, network marketing is the biggest advantage of its input and output can be accurately calculated. But for the vast majority of enterprises, it will be often found in the budget expenditure invested in at least half is wasted, but specific to what waste in which a link is one thirty while confused, how to improve this situation? Make a speech and monitor the effect of network marketing order the strategy at this time is particularly important.

users through what channels into the website? What time to enter in the website? What specific page? How long to stay on each page? What platform drainage? What is the platform access rate is low?…… These factors are strictly restricting the final results of the network marketing. To make the analysis of these data must have a network marketing tool for monitoring the authority and establish a monitoring network marketing effect complete strategy, thus, can effectively prevent various network marketing unnecessary expenses, capital investment will drop to a minimum.

ideas, then the next is the specific implementation of the. Here is the network marketing management and control system of a one-stop can introduce to you, the cloud claw analysis of network marketing management system, it can according to the keywords network link, extrapolation occupying the news source competition, information competition and effective news source effective platform status, current situation and competition situation of the web page real-time tracking, monitoring the effect of network marketing precision, and combined with the data analysis of written reports, online file analysis of each stage.


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