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2013 the latest Taobao pure dry cargo passenger station real experience and share money Raiders

a guest has been almost 4 years, want to share in 2013 Taobao customers the latest change and everyone today, combined with the personal experience of the existing model to make money and exchange under. If there is any wrong place, please enlighten.


passenger development so far from the original "guest" evolved into "Taobao customer". The industry continues to pour out new people, some people leave, some people secretly make money. We do stand in the form of change, starting from API, and then to a single page (Zhan Qun), sharing, rebate, block nine, nine key words and so on. Miss the new model to see the kind of impulse, as if to see the future. But in the end insist on down, and how much?

over the years the external environment has been deteriorating (or understood as a platform for improvement), Taobao customers increasingly difficult to survive. Feeling 09-10 years, just like the first batch of reform and opening up business. But now it is not so easy, Ali mother as the official time change, from the original API IID to num_iid, then to CPT advertising, then to rebate rules, even the new guest level rules, each guest will push the edge of death. Another "employer" Baidu, have blocked Taobao off site. Remember the most crazy time, included 2 million, IP5-10 million per day… API station is the lowest, only included no traffic, resulting in many owners are shut down or switch. But there are still owners earn money, each period has a master exists, how they do it?

so, what kind of mode of the current environment is more suitable for grassroots webmaster to operate, to try it? Here we share a simple:

, a rebate mode

You are probably familiar with the

, is currently doing quite good with the rebate network, meters off the network, network, return back to the current network, there are 2 kinds of investment has got VC. Although there are many stations in operation, but this is a rigid demand, you will find the rebate Taobao. As long as the patience to adhere to the user, and more communication with the user, to maintain thousands of dollars per month, or income is not a problem. However, this site is more rampant, it is necessary to do a good job. Procedures to do a lot better, but also the industry more perfect procedures.

two, sharing mode

shopping share that mogujie.com, beautiful as the representative of the two sites do better, which has been acquired by Tencent. I believe there are a lot of people optimistic about this model, I do not know when to start sharing stations also began flooding. For a time we are doing this to share, I also come over. The most important thing is to share the popularity, but it is easy. To tell the truth, no matter how much innovation in the content, unless you can adhere to 1 years in a day to update the product, it is difficult to have an effect. In short, the model is good, but the need for more manpower and material resources. Procedures have been very perfect, such as Fang Wei, PINPHP, micro purchase, etc..



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