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Zhu Wanzhang with a network marketing Zhangjiajie webmaster

did not do guide, transfer, a soldier, with his unique dedication and passion, from a no concept of the tourism network, the layman, every little bit, will continue to explore, he created the Zhangjiajie tourism network to become one of the few tourists in Zhangjiajie hot hits the website, and the website brings tourism reception made full of sound and colour.

he is Hunan xiangzhonglv International Travel Agency Limited company market development manager, Zhangjiajie tourism network founder Zhu Wanzhang.

in December 2001, had a chance to stay in Beijing armed police sergeant Zhu Wanzhang resigned from the post of back to back to the hometown, home to face the advantages of resources, he did not hesitate to choose the untouched industry – tourism. At the beginning of 2002, Zhu Wanzhang contracted a travel agency of a network marketing department, become a member of the city tourism go forward with great strength and vigour of the army. Then through the website propaganda Zhangjiajie boom just unfolding and Zhu Wanzhang also had a production site, the tourism sector to promote their own ideas, but after the first website built because the effect is not ideal, Zhu Wanzhang did not put into use.

so he contacted the students at school. "For seven days and nights, we nest together to discuss. He made, I gave him a meal to send water." Zhu Wanzhang told reporters, because Zhangjiajie is a world natural heritage, we think "green" should become the theme of the site after discussion, so the new website is full of green, tourism network will be in this style until now. "It can be said that at that time the site, more commitment to the introduction of the role of travel agencies, rather than the current marketing. At that time, online travel, there is no developed now, when the online shopping is very few, not to mention the travel booking. With the site, most of my own." Zhu Wanzhang memories.

Zhu Wanzhang hopes all the new site. A few months later, the site did not come to the end of any team reservation message. "Spend every day, no credit, good bad, every day can’t sleep!" this situation lasted until September 30, 2002. Zhu Wanzhang clearly remember that night, he was as usual, and others after work, go home to become dejected and despondent. Around 9, Zhu Wanzhang suddenly received a telephone booking tours of Beijing tourists, he try to hold back the tread on air excitement, dedicated to the guests to do the bidding, guests would confirm travel on the phone. Put down the phone, Zhu Wanzhang in the room like a child to jump back and forth, the previous depression and depression in the immediate release. When he is not from the first pre orders away from the joy, then the phone rang again, this time he is calm to give guests a budget quotation, second pen travel set…… "Eleven is really a golden week," said Zhu Wanzhang, who received more than 60 tourists from Beijing and Shanghai in just a few days.

surprised him much more than that. One day in November, a letter from the Japanese mail attracted his attention, through the help of a translation software, Zhu Wanzhang excitedly found >


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