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Look for a few hands to send a micro-blog promotion, how much money

yesterday, the article, I did not say directly to find the beauty model network to do a red micro-blog self promotion to spend how much money.

instead of using the "spring log" public number reply "price" two words to get the answer.

to do so can ensure that you want to know a friend to get the answer, because this price is not the industry standard, the other model is not willing to let me put her price announced.

we know the answer, most of them expressed disappointment: Wow, so cheap, unexpected ah.


Why is


is because everyone has a psychological worship of celebrities, celebrities feel that either do not want money, or the lion big openings; another reason is that these values do not understand.

then I’ll say, a promotion micro-blog value how much money, from which to judge.

first: blogger’s social identity, tag

this is a direct decision on the price, is the value of advertising, a person is what identity, equal to the social influence of the identity of the endorsement to us.

if you want to shoot a Fan Bingbing, then do not have to send dozens of millions of micro-blog started, this is the identity of her star worth, but also the public awareness of her valuable.

if you look for an expert authority, even if he does not know it does not matter, as long as he is an expert on the line, we all recognize…… This is why a lot of health care products are love TV shopping ads to find a foreigner wearing a white coat over there and listen to the birds do not know, is really not important, but the audience did not know, nor that eat this line.

second: Fan number and activity

social identity suck, then the number of fans more to raise prices, can not see this book figures, the first is micro-blog activity has been in decline, then each V are more or less the number of real zombie fans, fans are going to play a big discount.

how to judge a micro-blog account of the actual number of fans?

look at the amount of reading micro-blog; watch the amount of praise; look forward to the amount of comments. There is no specific reference standards, careful observation.

third: Vermicelli quality, precision

fans, I would like to say that the quality of the bar: Fan education level; fans consumption level, etc.. This is directly determined by the blogger himself, it is difficult to attract students to graduate from primary school; open QQ is difficult to attract open Q5……

precision, good understanding, assuming that a micro-blog positioning is the electricity supplier, micro-blog fans more electricity supplier practitioners, the higher the accuracy, the higher the value.

can be judged from the above three points to send a promotion micro-blog value geometry >


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