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Mo Xiang Mega four thinking soft writing in actual combat

recently and many novice conducted exchanges, mainly mining their needs and analyze their writing of the starting point and the angle of topic I want to focus on the direction that the novice to learn soft writing will encounter a few relatively large impact and the subsequent writing questions, usually with no experience to solve these problems makes them down feel soft, not write or write something not so nice, we will communicate with you under the novice to learn some thoughts of soft writing, I hope for your help to enhance the soft writing skills.

recently made three brands of soft soft club, soft Research Institute, School of business, according to the analysis of case studies, soft soft writing skills exchange, business training and other aspects of the soft, soft in the session is perfect and to share links all people, mainly for my love and Study on the soft Wen share the fun, think only in sharing knowledge and experience skills will have a greater harvest, such as this one maybe for the novice writing can play a certain role.

‘s first thought: the relationship between the title of the article and the topic

I’m writing is writing the title, then the contents of overall planning according to the title, will be complemented by writing articles related to the content and key contents according to the core point of the title in the planning process, this article systematically and the structure can be very good to deliver value, only the value of the article was to pass out readers love, this is the same, through the soft writing topics for many aspects of the writing, and then to a central point of development, the title of the article and the topic came out, and the facade and the two points is the center of an article of thought.

points out that if, as a novice key lies in the accumulation of the title of the method and how to find more topics for writing, especially the writing has been more important for a product and a business, and that I have experienced the same in 2011, thus the total and refined into their the word "bilingual" writing mode, through a keyword how to write more articles not to repeat, to solve this problem, and then through the SEOWHY in Cardiff teacher training courses have a certain accumulation of SEO technology, soft writing up more handy, but this combination also makes I through the soft +SEO the mode of business combination has also made certain achievements.

is the central idea of the topic, how an article where there is no central idea then is an ordinary article, not to take what the value of the readers often do not have a deep impression on your article, this time advertorial contains ingredients you can’t get the value of communication, as can be imagined. The topic is mainly through the analysis and combined with the case study, there are a lot of things are the same, as a planning and writing soft Wen, your reading level must be less, many writers are constantly reading.


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