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Tmall data fraud why the electricity supplier industry will have such unspoken rules

recently, hammer phone stuck in the data gate, the hammer has just been sold on the Tmall data on suspicion of fraud, and the user took a screenshot as evidence. As for the problem of Tmall’s own database, or the official adjustment of the official number of the sale of the hammer, now who can not tell. In fact, the electricity supplier platform data fraud is nothing new, Tmall data fraud, of course, is reasonable, which seems to have become the unspoken rules of the industry. But it is certain that, if there is no interest driven, there is no natural data fraud. In fact, many of the sales of Taobao products are behind the scenes brush, and even many shopkeepers to recruit part-time brush credibility and praise.

electricity supplier data can stimulate consumer spending

when a member of the Taobao search box enter the name of the site, a lot of Taobao users like to sort according to sales, as long as the relatively high sales of similar products more popular. This is a potential consumer psychology of the general mind, always think that sales of goods are more credible, because there are so many people to buy. But like Taobao and other electricity supplier website sales data is not so reliable, at least one of the water is very large. And those who praise the water is even greater, so often shopping friends will seriously look at the poor, not to have to believe that those so-called good. There is no doubt that the number of sales, praise and other data can really stimulate sales to some extent.

Tmall data fraud can be unscrupulous

whether Tmall or other electronic business platform, data fraud is not kind of things, even deceive consumers behavior, but if you want a real cure for this disease, I am afraid not only the responsibility of business platform. From the perspective of the electronic business platform itself, Tmall, Jingdong want to improve their sales and orders. Therefore, the phenomenon of fraud will continue to exist, of course, the ultimate damage is the number of ordinary consumers, after all, the impact of the data to the user’s basic judgment. May be a low volume of goods on the number of people who do not want to buy, but the quality is not worse than others, which is also very unfair to many small shopkeepers.

data fraud is the root cause of the interests, but also on the electronic business platform, such as the result of malicious competition businesses, to really put an end to the electricity supplier data fraud. From two aspects: one is to supervise each business platform, to prevent them from embezzlement, two is for business platform vigorously remediation brush sales, the phenomenon of praise. But these two aspects must have the relevant departments involved, otherwise only the thunder and rain, to finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. In short, you can not let the electronic business platform unscrupulous manufacturing false data, which involves a lot of basic interests of ordinary online shoppers.

data affect the user’s intention to purchase, the electronic business platform can not be used to stimulate consumer data fraud, without regard to the quality of the product itself. Taobao often fake and data fraud together, brush comment and is a vicious spiral of sales. If Taobao can not bear to start, then it is difficult to cure


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