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Li Hao analysis of the reasons for the low electricity supplier website conversion

The conversion rate of

has been a let do e-commerce webmaster very troublesome problem, because the conversion rate is directly linked to money and the high conversion rate of your site naturally highly profitable, low conversion rate may even cost. I am doing this piece of foreign trade B2C, engaged in this line is also more than half a year, and I want to own this half a few years of experience and experience to write out and share with you.

I think the conversion rate there is another name – user experience, as long as your site user experience to do up, the site’s conversion rate naturally followed up. So how to improve the user experience of the site or the conversion rate of the site I think we should do the following:

1 select a good space

a good space to help you solve many tasks, such as space security, site access speed, maximum concurrency, if you buy the space quality is very poor so many loopholes, it is easy for others to use the software attack, that will affect your own website. Others attack your space, access to your account and password space, you can hang black chain on your site or delete your site files.

2 reasonable layout

some of the electricity supplier website every day a large amount of visits, so some webmaster rely on the site to hang some advertising to earn a little advertising costs. It is good to do so, but there is one thing to pay attention to. Some Adsense advertising and text content mixed together, so that users can not tell which is the advertising, which is useful information on their own. And what is more ads everywhere in the website, the content of the text are poor. In response to this problem, I propose that the site is a reasonable division of the site, such as a special place to place ads, so that they can earn advertising fees will not affect the user experience.

3 reasonable price

the price of a commodity is because someone needs it, the more people who need it, the higher the price can be set, which is to dilute the substance of the truth. But not because of the demand for a lot of goods, you can bid price. The price is too high to exceed the scope of customer acceptance, the same money. In response to this problem, I suggest that you can refer to the peer site, to see how others are in the development of the price, more reference to a number of peer stations and then combined with their own costs to develop their own price.

4 quality service

I said here, the quality of service includes two points, one is the customer service, one is express. Have a good customer service can also when you worry a lot, because the site is just a store in the virtual world, the user you here to buy something, but you did not communicate, it will let the user was a little uneasy. If at this time the customer service staff can contact the user through the contact and contact the user, such as the solution to the customer purchase process


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