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Yang Peifeng, founder of the network to resign department store control

Yue Yan

won the U.S. Messi department to share network shares before the high-level changes, the best network founder, CEO Yang Peifeng formally resigned. The share network will also from the original to sale oriented online sales model transformation for the price of online mall Messi department store sales in china.

This marks the

Messi Department began to grasp the network share the right to speak, and leveraging the network share market Chinese rio.

according to public information, in May last year, Messi department store to invest $15 million mesh network, and authorized to become the only department store in the United States and department store’s only partner. In the same year in August, the network launched a series of personnel recruitment and other adjustments.

is close to the sources told the "First Financial Daily", because of the high cost of rent, there is a great difference between the market and overseas, so the overseas retail giant chose to buy a stake in a company to enter the market Chinese Chinese curve, in order to avoid the risk.

with the founder of China’s departure, the right to speak of Messi department store in China will expand business in the future. In addition to the site into the Messi department store in China online mall, the department store in China is still looking for the opportunity to shop in various cities in the city of Messi. For example, in Shanghai has opened a low-key monopoly of Messi department store and some of its own luxury goods store, but the name of the store is not directly called the Department of Messi." The above sources revealed.

has reached an agreement with the earlier, vipstore.com Milan City ole Enterprise Management Limited, set up an integrated multi brand stores in Shanghai green Milan City outlets, although the name is not called "the Messi department store, but the store a lot of goods from the Messi Department store.


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