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SF again test electricity supplier why join the sea Amoy cross-border Army

February 2nd morning news, following the fresh class business "preferred", O2O community "Hey", SF once again explore the field of electricity providers, cross-border electricity supplier website launched "SF sea Amoy (SFHT.COM), focus on Logistics SF why join the wave of cross-border electricity supplier SF? If there is a direct necessary sea Amoy shopping site? Vice president of SF EXPRESS International Business Services Division Ren Xiaoyu gives in to communicate with us when the answer.

to solve the trust problem

of SF, the maximum value is the service and brand reputation. So whether it is fresh SF preferred, or sea Amoy business SF sea Amoy hope "SF" quality endorsement, solve the problem of trust in food safety, the cross-border electricity supplier. SF sea Amoy began trial operation in mid December 2014, officially launched in January 9th, including the category of maternal and child health and beauty products, from Europe and Japan and South Korea and other places.

According to Ren Xiaoyu

, from Tmall international, ocean terminal platform, SF scouring the sea using proprietary model, unified procurement of goods by the SF sea amoy. The goods there are two paths, the first is from overseas warehouse straight, the second is to enter the Chinese through the bonded area. Currently in the operation of overseas warehouses in Hongkong, there are more planning. Free trade zone, SF sea Amoy has been stationed in Guangzhou Free Trade Zone, followed by Ningbo and Hangzhou.

In fact, before

SF has launched the "sea purchase Feng Yun transport service (SFBUY.COM), why should the" water "from the role of" water cut production "role, Ren Xiaoyu answer is" trust". He said that SF do backend service completely no problem, but there is no uniform standard, what the product is good, what kind of goods is not good, no benchmark things out, SF want this thing more standardized.

now has a "cross-border proprietary platform and two modes, no matter what kind of model of supply chain is very complex, which is relatively narrow channels, especially the platform model of small and medium-sized sellers are eligible and the ability to do these things, there are still uncertainties. In this case we feel it is necessary to try to see if it is possible to provide consumers with another option." Ren Xiaoyu said.

and optimization, hey guest interaction

In fact,

not long ago, fresh SF preferred electricity supplier also announced the launch of cross-border business, plans to increase foreign direct mining operations. This also means that in the cross-border, SF by optimization and sea Amoy dual platform operation. Ren Xiaoyu said that the core focus of the two business is not the same, preferred to food based, although this is the core of the sea Amoy business, but it is more concerned about the issue of access.

According to Ren Xiaoyu

, China preferred more by direct mining into the trade pattern, scouring the sea had more focus on cross-border direct mail or bonded mode, solve the threshold problem of China overseas suppliers. In addition, there will be more than the sea Amoy Amoy category, including mother and baby, beauty and so on.

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