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Taobao double eleven transaction volume of 35 billion! Small partners quickly drying alone, how much


group has just announced that the double 11 promotion Alipay total sales 35 billion 18 million yuan. In the active trading provinces ranking, Zhejiang ranked first. Last year, Tmall and Taobao double total eleven transactions for 19 billion 100 million yuan, the total sales of Alipay 19 billion 100 million, Tmall 13 billion 200 million, Taobao 5 billion 900 million. Where the transaction peak in 1 minutes, and at the same time, there are 1 seconds to succeed in trading, turnover of $5 million 540 thousand in 27. Pro, you are singles or online shopping festival? You shopping? Buddies to bask in, look at your contribution to the number of transactions



this year’s double 11, 40 minutes, the clothing category exceeded 1 billion yuan. 1 minutes there are 98 thousand parcels, compared with last year, the number of parcels grew by more than 1.7 times. In the sales list in 7 of all clothing enterprises, leading to UNIQLO, JACK&JONES, GXG, Ou Shili and other brands. The textile sector, domestic textile listed companies on the current sales for Carolina textile. In the business scale to 2 million, two times last year, covering multiple industries, home furnishings, appliances, clothing bags, car beauty, personal care, baby food, and books, more than 30 thousand brands.

in addition, this year the double 11 period, Tmall further upgrade based on C2B pre-sale, launched the first prepaid purchase business cycle and regular distribution, consumer fingertips waiting for milk, beer and other goods delivered on a monthly basis. Data show that currently has 30 thousand much "lazy" to buy a about 10000000 yuan purchase cycle.

in today’s Tmall double eleven Shopping Festival time transaction, President of Juhuasuan Tmall head of Britain said that sales this year will be controlled at around 30 billion yuan, because of the limited capacity of carrying logistics.

as Tmall’s push to promote the brand since 2009, double eleven has become an industry collective behavior and business phenomenon. This year, eleven double, the major electricity supplier platform are ahead of time or at the same time began to promote, in order to share in this wave of shopping peak.


below to see "double 11" Amoy people


want to cry without tears type 1 minutes on the cheap

"you grab a few pieces? Only 2? I in addition to a wallet, the other to grab it." Early in the morning just to the unit, Amoy friends Miss Ding on top of a pair of black eye, and colleagues exchange grab cargo experience. 2013 double 11, cheap goods and special marketable, zero 01 points each business platform on the frequent "robbed", "stock", let netizens complain.

in order to rob the goods, Miss Ding said she was to mobilize the whole family together into battle, can be >


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