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To investigate the B2C site competition from the harem drama The Legend of Zhen Huan characters

stage before the television screen of the fire – "The Legend of Zhen Huan" is from the TV screen, spread to the Internet, let netizen exclaim exclamation staggering: 2012 Zhen Huan is very busy. Harem battle lies in drama can cause of success in recent years, three thousand to Scarlett because want to get the emperor favour of infighting is very attractive. A fly the branches when the Phoenix is also in line with the common vision of the majority of society. We will look back to the B2C site, you can easily find in the domestic annual electricity supplier in the development of B2C today, the independent site appeared more and more fierce competition degree, can be expected in the next few years, B2C independent site competition will enter a white hot stage, want to succeed must have a the correct means of competition, today we have through the play three characters to see how to use these concubines their share in the brutal market competition tactics in a cup of soup.

, Hua Fei: Gorgeous domineering, let users gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory

in the whole drama, Hua Fei is one of the most impressive figures, at the beginning you may for this vicious woman hated teeth itch, are behind you will find that she is only a desire to get her husband’s love the poor woman. Hua Fei is a play very gorgeous domineering, clutched the emperor’s heart, compared to the queen, Hua Fei more love of the emperor. The role of Fei Fei in the B2C independent site competition can also be reflected. A beautifully designed domineering B2C site are often able to immediately seize the heart of the user, the user that you have a good potential, to provide more quality services. B2C site want to win over the heart of the user, from the outset, should allow the user to feel your beauty, although we often say that inner beauty is more important, but if you do not have an external beauty, how to let people begin to feel your inner beauty? Obviously, for B2C site if you want to own in the competition there are more advantages, so exquisite design first of all is to have a heart to capture user.

two, Shen meizhuang: virtuous emotionalise,

have mutually beneficial relationships with customers

Shen meizhuang is all three thousand beauty is a talented woman talented, and she is the Zhen Huan childhood sweetheart friend, she is dignified and virtuous, but she is not what people on the shelf, very friendly, because her dignified and virtuous, the emperor and empress. In contrast to today’s B2C site competition, the operation process will inevitably appear and the user has some disputes, and these disputes are often caused by a few dollars, or improper communication caused by transportation. These seem to be some mung bean, and as a business platform, online if you want to have a good reputation, you need to pay attention to these problems, we must learn to love moving, between the platform and the user, the most important is modest, even if we encounter some can not solve the problem, the platform should also be excellent as far as possible meet the wishes of consumers, we can now fire shroud door learn teaching, each other will only lose.



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