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Analysis of effective diffusion path of soft Wen

soft Wen, as its name implies, in the name of the article, the real line advertising. The so-called article, that is, the objective point of view or subjective feelings of color. In the point of view or the expression of emotion, the view is objective, the feelings are spontaneous. The soft Wen is not, in the absence of writing, the commercial interests of the author has become the framework of the problem must be considered. So, soft Wen is a clear value orientation, to achieve the purpose of publicity of enterprises and products, regardless of the author how this objective disguise or hidden, eventually need to make the product or enterprise in the reader’s mind the impression, and even stimulate the reader’s action.

soft in the writing and other skills, there are many people talk about. However, to achieve the effect of writing and publishing is the two important conditions, good soft Wen, not through good channel release, or excellent distribution channels, but the soft quality is not high, will make the effect of soft marketing. So, I would like to focus on how to make the spread of soft text in the Internet more widely, the effect of soft marketing better?.

diffusion includes two dimensions, one dimension is horizontal, mainly refers to the number of soft text is reproduced. One dimension is vertical, mainly refers to the number of single click or soft to be reviewed. My main concern is horizontal diffusion.

I think there are several ways to spread the following:

first, by the media to the Internet media.


today is called the era from the media, but the information is often spread from the minority to the public, everyone is from the media, everyone is a source of information, also means that everyone is difficult to influence and depth of information resources. So, even if we are in the depths of the Internet today, but the most influential, the spread of a wide range of information, or from the media. The first release of the media to print as soft, many enterprises choose the way of publicity, and even some enterprises in print advertising. Abandoned the pictures, all in the form of text, or interviews, or writing corporate culture, or published user evaluation, etc.. Most newspapers have their own web site and the electronic version, many website editor collected information mainly from the media. In the news media published the soft reprint rate are high in general.

second, from non print newspaper website to website.

nearly a thousand kinds of newspapers in our country, most of these newspapers have their own official website, and most of them are information websites, whether it is the amount of information or information quality, are much higher than the information forum. At the same time, these sites are almost all Baidu search engine news source site. Therefore, the media’s official website, need to pay attention to when the soft release. This paper in order to obtain high quality articles, the opening of the two entrance information. One is the site of the forum, with a certain length and opinion articles, media will become the official website issued in the name of information or news, of course, the editor of the website will integrate and modify certain. A >


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