The stationmaster employer – Baidu

I was a grassroots and grassroots webmaster, why do I need to send an essay like this? Named "stationmaster" employer "Baidu" this title? The reason is because I have a deep understanding about it, I have two stations: and from the original Baidu of my income qqzai.com5000, IP more than 5 thousand, then Baidu is my station to K, now only included a page, IP will slide down the line to go, only a few hundred IP, very helpless.

and this station is more funny! Although Baidu included more than 1 thousand, but the site is only a few IP, and from Baidu’s IP is zero. This fake like really depressed death, or not included, or included! Why do some illusion to deceive me these grass-roots webmaster, we finally built a station to earn advertising fees, but not beauty, Baidu let us eat those advertising, to make the station K interview straight down, faster than mars hit the earth. Naturally, those scattered advertising revenues are even more sporadic.

to Baidu as a webmaster Yisifumu, I think is not an exaggeration, but also practical. There should be a lot of grassroots webmaster like me silently in the work, but can not get the return of the hard work, but the sweat when the tears. China’s 70% people are using Baidu, so relying on Baidu to bring the amount of visits is positive. Only let Baidu like your station, then you have a way out of the station.

I don’t know why Baidu put my station: K. I find a lot of reasons do not know, but also revised a number of times, and there is no SEO, there are reasons to know the webmaster friends, please tell me, thank you! Contact QQ:1635979


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