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Use the weight of others to make money for themselves – (deas)

this article for all search engines, just an idea, you can extrapolate.

first, we know that any character on the Internet are key words, each keyword has their search results. Open each page is also the content of the artificial.

second. The same keywords for each site or page are ranked. And the influence factor is the weight of the site, weight is the need for time and skills to build up the.

third on the Internet. The weights of the high site is very much. And all areas of the site. At the same time in the Web2.0 era. Website is interactive, users are able to.

each one airs his own views.

for example: apply for blog, in the forum post, release classification information, etc.

so why don’t we use them. High weight of the station domain name has a long history, access to the crowd, including fast, old domain name of the next page than the weight of a new site to high.

is now a new station, you need to wait for the collection, after the collection has to go through the observation period. At least 3 months before the time, you do not want to have a good ranking. And there is a danger of being careful K

I suggest that you are applying for a high weight BLOG. and the keywords you do as much as possible with the BLOG site you apply for a high degree of correlation.

after you apply, you can say that you are dedicated to the BLOG station a new topic. You don’t need to worry about the keyword density. You just need to get him to.

the rest of the thing is to wait for a few days. Let the search engine to record. Of course, before this. You have to have a few good articles. (do you do a new station without content?).

believe that everyone has a good heart to apply for BLOG site. I do not recommend, to avoid AD. actually included is very fast. Baidu a small update on Monday. You can experience.

included. Is a good forum to some point connection. After 2-3 weeks. The weight by itself BLOG station. With the external connection. And your internal connection skills. Is your application blog ranking is not the top of the


here. Everyone was confused. Why should I do rankings for others? The title is to make money. How do I make a


ha ha. The key is here. Some of the station to apply for BLOG is to allow yourself to hang the ads. then hang what advertising. What kind of advertising conversion rate? This is not a discussion of the scope of the.

if the site does not hang advertising yourself. Then use your articles and articles. The top function. Put on advertising your products. Also the transformation. If your website is not ranked. You can also use your BLOG to do this up to guide the flow of import traffic. "


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