Web site to identify the target

in site promotion process, the most important and most effective step is to identify the object, if the object does not meet you promote your site, then the result may be equal to cast pearls before swine. Even with the flow, but no effect. Because they are not interested in the content of your website. So, how should we identify the object of promotion?

identify the promotion object, the actual development of the site to find out their own goals and ideas, such as:

1) a SNS dating community: you must think with the heart and must be making love visitors on your site to feel the value, so we advertise in the chat room, it is best to find those dating related websites, released some similar attractive topic.

2) make a similar MDSN like computer technology website: the best way is to find the package system master package several versions of the system, which with the links to your web site, and collect some computer technology tools, using UE and HE tool to modify the link above, and then released to popularity many download sites, the best course is released crawling in the thunder, express the P2P software such as spider frequent website, as long as they included, it is easy to bring you flow. And these flow aspirations and the content of your website is congenial. Ylmf, on the site in the history of the development of the depth of this way is developed.


said, perhaps no traffic whether you should think about your goals and their effective promotion object, webmaster territory 0T5.NET (0 T5) is a free exchange of space station, write the inadequacies of the welcome correction, I hope you have a better promotion strategy.

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