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Sources said China’s national network television on December 28th formally launched

(ChinaByte) December 18th news today morning, bit network exclusively learned from informed sources, Chinese network TV cctv.com will be officially launched in December 28th, and before the news, national network TV station will be listed at the end, the official time on-line, but has not been explicitly announced. However, the network has not been confirmed from the official channel.


insider told tewang, national network TV station about on-line will be in the next ten years, according to the needs of the public Chinese users more than more than and 50 units, to meet the different users demand video and interactive demand. This means that the CCTV network as the representative of the national team officially entered the field of the internet.

recently, the national network television news first in mid November, can be heard without end, cctv.com quietly launched a two video website — located in the online broadcast of "love cuckoo" and "love sharing platform located in the grapefruit, and then came" cctv.com and storm is to discuss cooperation "message, even speculation that both sides will not rule out the possibility of a" acquisition "the capital level of cooperation.

A series of

news release a clear signal, cctv.com national network TV station launch point the day and await for it. In December 10th, in conjunction China broadcasting industry development trend of the deputy director of the State Administration of Radio Science and Technology Secretary Wang attended the annual meeting and financing forum said: "if this’ no ‘Internet government continues, may bring greater security risks." This is enough to see the determination of the national network television launched.


sources, cctv.com hopes national network TV station, which leads to China network of genuine video media business development direction, but also lead the development direction of the entire video media technology industry. Positioning is a national integrated network video public platform, is the core of audio-visual interaction, network and television in one of the global, multi lingual, multi terminal stereo communication platform.


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