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nformation change hot spot website news program increase threshold

at the beginning of 2008, SARFT issued a notice saying: "from January 31, 2008 onwards, all provide video services over the Internet company, must obtain" information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit ", and must be state-owned or state-owned holding company." In September 09, the "notice" relevant issues on the SARFT Internet audio-visual program service license management and reaffirmed the relevant provisions of the Internet audio-visual program service website operation test card. At the time of the thorough investigation of audio-visual license storm, BTChina led several major domestic BT download site was closed. The VeryCD has also been delayed due to apply for an audio and video license rumor rumor closed.

although remediation network audio-visual storm has passed, but the state did not stop the thorough investigation of audiovisual content. Over the past few years, the "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit" has been stressed that the website has not been granted permission to publish a variety of video and unauthorized access to copyrighted audiovisual works. For a time, online video and video downloads quickly from small and medium sites and some did not get a large web site audio-visual license. At present, the domestic Internet, in addition to Youku, potatoes and so on several large video sites and some portal sites have audio-visual license can be issued online video, no audio-visual license sites are not available to open a single plate in the website to provide online video service, only the article reproduced all kinds of video.

"information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit" threshold is higher, the general website can be achieved. While limiting the spread of online video on the Internet, but in a sense it does achieve the effect of purifying the Internet audio-visual content. Recently, SARFT issued a notice on strengthening the management of the Internet communications news programs, and once again let the network audio-visual program can do what can be done to become the center of the discussion. The "Circular" said, recently, I found that some of our news programs did not broadcast homemade "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit" certified sites without the establishment of "information", "news channel" news broadcast, a large number of news reports and commentary audio-visual programs, a serious violation of the "Regulations" management of Internet audio-visual program "business services and Internet audio-visual program service catalog (Trial)" the relevant provisions of the. And reiterated the management matters.

can be found from the notice directed at potatoes, Youku and other large video sites news columns. From the management of relevant requirements reiterated can be found, news programs can not provide audio-visual illegal the following three: 1, engaged in news programs from mining, homemade business must obtain the relevant license; 2, engaged in news reprint business must have a permit; 3, the channel broadcast contains news content broadcast television channel must be achieved the license. Specific relevant license reference details of the notice. Notice issued after the potato network original information channel has been offline, to hot channel. Youku, cool 6 still set up information channel.

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