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By learning much praise in Wuzhen, what nternet plus practice


we mentioned Wuzhen first impression possible "bridges, oar boat, white walls and black tiles, Jiangnan ink landscape. And now the world internet conference since the flower falls Wuzhen, classical aesthetics under the Jiangnan Town is the force of modern.

as a global internet conference hosted in Wuzhen, "Internet plus practice" in no less than Beijing, learning much larger than the World Conference on the Internet, it is praised Wuzhen’s "Internet plus" process. You can rely on the "face" for Wuzhen, but rely on the "wisdom" of the Internet genes into the Millennium town, then to become "wisdom scenic, Wuzhen is by what is the world" with special respect "that


wisdom medical: started the Internet hospital first shot


Like a raging fire O2O concept at the

medical first-tier cities speculation, from single entry to registered online inquiry in full swing, the medical O2O enterprise is also in succession to the line in self hospital, completely O2O the "TO" in the fall, and really blossom the first hospital in Wuzhen is the birth of the internet.

recently, the country’s first Internet hospital was founded in Wuzhen, Wuzhen to build the Internet connection of hospital information system and has established more than 1 thousand and 900 national key hospital, Wuzhen hospital official website of Internet and mobile phone client has recently launched online to provide medical services for the people as the core of the visit. From online to offline thoroughly open to achieve full coverage of medical channels. The hospital in Wuzhen, the State Planning Commission’s authorization, the electronic prescription can be in a certain range of the open Internet, and China hospital national standards were entrusted to the first hospital in Wuzhen to develop the internet.

wisdom pension: to create an upgraded version of community service O2O


in recent years, China’s population dividend exhausted, the population into the aging society, pension has become the focus of attention of all walks of life, pension model is also different opinions. The mobile Internet era, the community endowment O2O is a current school "". O2O, the progress of LBS technology makes it possible for community services, Wuzhen WIFI to achieve full coverage of the scenic spots, which further exacerbated the community service O2O to the wisdom of the pension field penetration.

from the O2O community service implementation level, the establishment of the Wuzhen pension community O2O platform, the platform consists of online and offline two parts, home early warning, emergency assistance, health management and other services for the elderly and family. The online platform is mainly through the installation of smart home care equipment, health care equipment, remote SOS call falls and alarm positioning for the elderly, and the use of Ali cloud server, WeChat, APP, remote management. Family can be found in the mobile phone through the


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