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Which web analytics tools are you using Use and market share

web site analysis tools to collect data through the web site to generate analysis reports to help users understand and optimize the site. Web analytics is not just a tool for evaluating the performance of web traffic, it can also provide a wealth of data for the company’s business and market research, in order to enhance the effectiveness of the site. There are many different types of Web site analysis tools on the market, technically speaking, there are two main types: the first is to read through the Web server log file, to get visitors access information about the event. The second method is to mark the page JavaScript Tag, when the user browsing the page to record the user’s access information and sent to the web site analysis server. Now a number of common web site analysis tools are mostly using the page marking methods, such as Ominiture SiteCatalyst, Google Analytics, Baidu statistics.

web site analysis tools commonly used metrics are: the number of visitors, the amount of visits, the page stay time, site residence time, jump out rate, exit rate, user location and conversion rate. While some more powerful web analytics tools may provide more other types of information, such as the use of sub group, visitor access path, click on the hotspot map, event tracking, cross domain tracking, social plugin as well as multi-channel analysis etc.. There are even some web analytics tools that are looking for the possibility of integrating offline data and online access to data. Of course, the different needs of different web sites, the choice of site analysis tools will be very different. In general, the more powerful features of the site’s analysis tools are relatively complicated to operate, you can choose the right tools based on your actual needs. A system of web analytics tools should meet the following three requirements: trends, segmentation and transformation. Some foreign excellent web site analysis tools such as SiteCatalyst, Google, Analytics in the three aspects of the functional coverage are doing very well, and domestic website analysis tools such as Baidu, Tencent statistical analysis or CNZZ in function level segmentation and transformation to be strengthened. Today our topic is introduced and how to choose a suitable web site analysis tools, also do not intend to each web site analysis tools function detailed comparison, and through the following data report to understand what we are using what website tools.

website analysis tools list and market share

this is the survey report data from http://s.w3techs.com (data provided by the following data at the end of October 2012). The figure below shows the percentage of sites using various traffic analysis tools, and the data in this report will be updated daily, updated data can be viewed in the following address: http://s.w3techs.com/technologies/overview/traffic_analysis/all. It is important to note that


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