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Pornographic sites fool the crime of low cost of crime caused by the transfer of the site is difficu


the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment in Zhang Ao (left standing) of the computer crime investigation.

the following figure for Long Zejun (right wearing glasses) in the demonstration Nora resource station 9 different domain names, the police scene forensics.


– network crimes against regulation in the action / picture reporter Yang Ao

not long ago, under the unified command of the Ministry of public security, the 27 provinces and municipalities jointly issued by the public security authorities destroyed Nora station resources to use the Internet to disseminate pornographic series of cases. Up to now, a total of 270 pornographic websites were destroyed and arrested the suspect, the 90.

Sichuan Province, Chengdu City Public Security Bureau network security detachment four battalion Liu Hao today in the "Legal Daily" reporter said, "our station" series case shows that the acquisition software for a large number of illegal websites offer access to the web resource collection, huge traffic, a new trend for pornography crimes.

station is extremely cheap

in April 15th this year, the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau network security detachment police found a netizen in Chengdu is doing a porn site maintenance, but there is no video content in the other server. After investigation locked, in May 8th, the police in a rented house to find the young man named Zhang Ao.

"criminals in the creation and maintenance of pornographic websites to live in the bottom of society, no money to rent a server." Liu Hao introduction, from the police uncovered pornographic cases, the participants generally low degree of education, computer level in general, and are committed to a single crime.

why more cases are single independent station? Why invest $300 to build? Why is a short time to collect a large number of pornographic videos? With these questions, the police after the analysis found that the current pornographic websites with basic network station construction, simple maintenance, for timely updates, crime the characteristics of low cost.

in view of the above characteristics, the police found further digging, these pornographic sites are collecting pornographic video resources from Nora resource station on the site, a total of 9 domain names, free from other pornographic sites with pornographic video resources to attract traffic, then through advertising profit.

9 domain names are using the same server, the same content, including children pornographic videos." Liu Hao introduction, Nora resource station was built in April 5, 2010, the server is located in the United States, the owner of the use of love to go to the best cinema as a cover, actually doing the activities of the source of pornographic sites.

traffic increased by

June 20th, Long Zejun in Chongqing, Bishan


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