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Alipay completely cut off the WeChat developer interface was hit

news February 18th, WeChat third party developers recently revealed to billion state power network, Alipay has recently stopped open interface platform business for WeChat, this adjustment will lead to many businesses and developers could no longer support because of the loss of part of the user and Alipay to pay.


third party development enterprise micro technical director Alfred days before the billion state power network to reflect its application interface initiated on 14 February, Alipay rejected Alipay customer service, responded that the current Alipay has suspended WeChat related receivables ", and said that developers can contact WeChat paid to talk about cooperation.

Alfred said, before Alipay micro access way is not affected, only the new application interface will be rejected alipay. Therefore, there will still be some businesses WeChat platform can use Alipay to pay.


developers dialogue with the Alipay customer service

another domestic third party application "Gaga micro application" in the WeChat public number also referred to this situation, the screenshot shows, WeChat Alipay in the order has been returned, and returned to the reason for "Alipay does not support the business scene of WeChat business cooperation, please contact WeChat to negotiate cooperation scene."


developer interface application is Alipay rejected

The content of the dialogue with the Alipay customer service

developers, Alipay is currently on WeChat business cooperation scenarios take "no new sign" "renewal" of "non cooperation" strategy for the previous three, has access to the Alipay WeChat developer, will gradually be repaying the contact.

billion state power network linked to two other WeChat developer Wang opened the shop, pocket pass, the other is that Alipay currently yet to receive similar notice, but believe that this situation is not surprising.

for this case, billion state power network to Alipay confirmation, the other has no clear response.

According to

billion state power network to understand, although Taobao has cut WeChat entrance, but there are still a large number of non Taobao businesses access on the WeChat platform Alipay, users can choose to buy alipay. But the premise is that businesses need to apply the call interface to Alipay and Alipay, once the interface is no longer open, will mean that businesses will no longer support the Alipay WeChat platform this payment.

this is undoubtedly the third party developers suffered heavy losses. According to MSI technical director Alfred, due to the current WeChat payment is not completely open, and the degree of popularity of users is also limited, Alipay is still the main way to pay many third party developers and businesses of WeChat mall. Once Alipay shut down the interface, developers will have to spend time to build other payment channels of cooperation, such as WeChat and China UnionPay payment.

but there are also


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