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Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week (10.19-10.25)

Taizhou Zhang Wenguo: local website users in the automotive industry mining

Hello, thank PHPWIND for giving me such a chance to share, rather than as a share, I also do auto summary yesterday to today to hear some share around the web, there are many websites than we do well, for example, said yesterday the Dragon Lane Qian Yu said very much, and the life of Yuyao Xu Yue said the auto industry in life to share, I first introduce myself, my name is Zhang Wenguo, from 09 years in April, re registration of a media company, the company name is Taizhou Interactive Media Advertising Co., just weeks referred to the total focus of the two day of our discussion, we all do network marketing is the largest interactive marketing, so our company name is called interactive communication, Taizhou auto channel launched in 2007 June, when many of my colleagues said the local door Do car households have no way out, what do they want? For example, I love the car around a lot of those professionals, they see the information will be where to look? Pacific automotive network, such as Sina automobile Sohu professional website or AICAR, local portal how local industry channel, we are all in this together on the first place portal auto channel positioning, we strive for the channel of Taizhou local consumer and automotive businesses to build a communication service platform, timely information and promotional discounts for automobile consumption as the hottest.

interview: Avankatari founded Anhui cultural network course

old K: Hello, thank you for accepting thank you for accepting the Anhui Internet Alliance (ahunion.org) launched the interview, you are a network with years of experience in the old worms, the first to introduce you to


fan: Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to Anhui Internet alliance. I am the Anhui cultural network (www.ahage.net), in the webmaster circle, in fact, I can only be regarded as a novice. Internet time is not very long, the time to contact the site is shorter. As a webmaster of Anhui cultural network, many times I think I am not a real sense of the webmaster, more time to play the role of an editor. On the one hand, this site differ from that of the vast number of friends website, there is a good business model, and we are just a pure public website; on the other hand, we have done many times that other types of Web sites do not want to do, just because this website is very good to others can not win business prospects, the audience of this site is very narrow, data collection is also very difficult.

why some owners profit and some owners are crying

believe that often in the webmaster nets and mixed in the webmaster friends, a lot of people like me, the site is not in the basic state of profitability. The real master was busy counting money, busy company, busy interview new employees, occasionally a few master reveals a face, or there is a new project launched out publicity, either counting money hand cramps out of the fresh air, either.


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