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When the world’s new media, how should we position and achieve profitability

based on the observation of the Internet phenomenon analysis of how to locate the current situation of new media operations, and in the latter part of the article lists two detailed examples to illustrate how new media to quickly achieve profitability of local


Internet world, there exists a phenomenon: whenever there is an outlet, a group of people will Yiyongershang, rich technology, a variety of resources, quickly seize the opportunity, to borrow Rebs’s metaphor, is a group of pigs in the tornado race, ran in front can not seize the outlet, but must be better than the pigs have more chance to fly.

, for example, at the beginning, we are doing a comprehensive site, Sohu was rushed in the front, and was later caught up with sina, and now to Tencent to catch up.

Web2.0 later, everyone in the forum, as the West Temple, Tianya, mop.com, is the earliest and very successful group, now under the impact of new media, although the prime (a few months ago was seventy million, xici.net hands) but the few characters compared with many Internet Co, more moisture you can still live.

electricity supplier boom, we want to make Alibaba, Taobao, the results of a large dead.

now, the emergence of a variety of new media, we are doing APP, from the media, do community, every day a large number of new Internet Co, there are a large number of companies fell. The entire Internet world is full of angels, VC looking around for the next Facebook, the next WeChat……

so, when the world is doing new media, what should we do?

or from the traditional Internet:

when most of the traffic Tencent, Sina, NetEase, occupy the portal class, like the car home, ESPN, Ruili Women specifically for certain people’s precise vertical website A new force suddenly rises.

when most of the traffic, such as several major mop.com Tianya forum to occupy the community of users, like life, proud of the Fujian Tribune, deep window forum Regional Forum began to force.

when Taobao, Jingdong occupied the business class of users most of the traffic, similar to honey bud baby, jumei.com, vip.com and a number of segments of demand business platform opens up new world of business.

so, now the world is doing the new media, we should begin to subdivide the industry, the breakdown of the crowd demand!

although, there is no very dominant new media forces, we should not do that ruler, but should be done by those who are ignored by the industry segments of the market.

small and beautiful, is now to do!

, and the market is very easy to achieve a small investment returns, and the fastest way to achieve profitability, even if the market is now doing a lot of market segmentation is also the first

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