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Reverse thinking see the website promotion website promotion from the ten taboo

today’s Internet, using CMS to build a station again easy, but easy to build website promotion, but difficult, one not careful will lead to mistakes, "forever and ever". The presence of the network website promotion ten taboo, but think about it, if reasonable use but also the promotion of good method, the following eleven commentary:

first bogey: do not send spam

this is the key rule of etiquette. No matter when and where, to any person, a large number of unsolicited e-mail is intolerable. There are hundreds of guys trying to sell you the database and the software to send spam, but don’t trust them. Junk mail will bring you into the enemy rather than a friend, it will make your site by ISP ban, reduce your visitors.

but put aside the moral rules of etiquette, bulk mail is definitely a good method of promotion, there is always someone on your site of interest, even if the site sucks cannot keep users, at least also lie to a IP.

second bogey: do not spend too much money for the submission service

submit your site to 500 search engines to spend money?. These money guys simply put your URL enter an automatic submission device. If you find a professional to submit your site, you can spend a few hundred dollars to get a careful and comprehensive service. Insist on getting all the documents that have been done, including all the emails sent by the search engine.

someone is willing to spend money in search engine submission, that it certainly useful, so if you do not want to spend money on their website will begin with, as far as possible to submit multiple search engines.

the third bogey: don’t waste your time in the Web


submit your site to the main search engines and directories, do not waste time on a non trivial search engine, they are almost zero access.

garbage have millionaires, there is not only reasonable, people can live with his natural search engine users, although perhaps rather than the big engine, the user is not much, but the development of the website should be IP per point.

: the fourth bogey on the directory registration do not rush

is more important in the network directory is very difficult to enter, but must strive for accurate submission of information, not sloppy.

actually, I’m not sure the directory, the basic catalogues are famous recognized abroad, domestic websites even be included, can have much effect, I really do not know, but common website is difficult to be included, unless the site is quite good, otherwise it is not submitted.

article five note: the site is not completed when don’t promote

thoroughly test your site before submitting it and make sure each part is completed. Many visitors will not return to the U> after discovering a "build" mark


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