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Knowing that you are advertising Good soft Wen is so come

hard time has passed, even if your product is good, a pure advertising will cause resentment, even this advertisement, will be the main forum, Post Bar bar and a delete and then quickly. The deleted copy, even if the value of good content to attract people is useless, because when others point in the unseen content, even if you want to buy, do not know where to go! Before the Hefei recruitment network Xiaobian also tried the text to a local forum, do not know a small part of the lack of level, let the Lord see through, the price is the content is blocked for more than an hour to collect information, write soft text so vain!

in order to make advertisement will not be deleted, also can attract reading a bunch of "story" just appears, true story false is really false, sometimes let you know it is a poster, will continue to can’t help writers, this is absolutely professional. Of course, most people want to achieve this realm, difficult! Last time, Xiao Bian is a love story when we visit Tianya, the more look down more that "this is a poster, the strange thing is, I was very curious at the main men there together, the results of is small abruptly after reading the more than 10 thousand floor of the



if you are engaged in SEO, network marketing, website promotion and other industries, if you want to have a paper copy can attract broken million hits "magic", or listen to the soft God was saying


1, the product of their own know enough? Good writers, can always find products and articles with

is an enterprise to make a profit, that your product must be presentable, if the quality of the product itself does not pass, want to have the first customers is very easy, but you want to have this group of so-called old users can keep it off? Xiaobian feel very dangerous, after all, is the value of your customers product.

so I want to become a good copywriter, before the official start of the soft writing, you need to understand the company’s products enough; secondly to know interest products for you what kind of groups; then you need to know which products appear in the soft part will not be hate. So go on, want to write good soft Wen, you first is a story, and then have enough data analysis ability.

2, start light cards? This is not a soft


a lot of network marketing personnel, in the BBS, Post Bar local promotion not brains, just put a good amount of browsing articles posted up the website, the results of a few days, nor what happened. This may be a lot of novice network marketing staff will commit, may now be making mistakes, a so not sincere article, why people have to look at you here?

so when writing text, not so fast light cards, only need to give the opponent in the final "pain"


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