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Adsense use A5 propaganda website N kinds of ways and wrong practice

A5 cannot do without many of the strong support, but also let more webmaster form the habit of dependence on the A5, website managers, programmers, artists, SEOER, editors and other Internet industry practitioners will focus on almost every platform, understand the major events at home and abroad through the Internet here, learning promotion and operation technology at the same time through the A5 platform optimization, trying to promote their website.

this paper sort out some webmaster in A5 often use the AD way, and some wrong practices, such as incomplete or opinion does not agree with, please add and correct webmaster, thank you very much!

a, A5 homepage soft Wen propaganda law

A5 the first page of the article is the webmaster of AD a hotly contested spot, on the front page, means more exposure and the probability of being reproduced and the acquisition greatly increased. The author is also home of the regulars, before writing some articles for personal reasons to delete, but after the release from the point of view, is really immediate, article is crazy reproduced, at the same time in the article No. Q also occasionally harassed, everyone can see effect, Baidu webmaster input " using N method A5 website and " can see the mistake; since the original A5 was reproduced after efficiency, this soft writing is supposed to propaganda website, also reached a magnified effect, it yijuduode.

two, A5 home page article anchor text link propaganda

Said the benefits of the

front page, part of the webmaster also because writing is shy, no brains can be reproduced and put pen to paper, the domestic Internet news anchor text links in the column, belt, author names are often key words on its website, like this, of course, regardless of the original technical articles or reprint of the news that can be used in such a way, the anchor text chain benefit here is not to explain.

three, BBS signature propaganda

this is the webmaster to the forums are accustomed to using the A5 discuz code can also open the signature state for the owners, which means you can fill in the anchor text link, which is super chain, the specific operation is to fill in the personal center, personal signature, the code is as follows:

[url=http://s.ddhainan.com] Hainan [/url] here to replace the domain name and keywords.

after this step, the next is to the forum forum to wanton irrigation, irrigation here to remind you not to break the rules properly.

four, A5 forum soft writing

soft writing in a variety of ways, some Adsense ads cleverly implanted is very strong in a technical article, propaganda host server or other business, some Adsense pure content for the title of the party, directly or indirectly, advertising, some Adsense reprint articles, write into the.


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