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Shi Gaotao entrepreneurial mentor to young creative wisdom

everyone universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, numerous living beings, have their own dreams, everyone in their dreams and efforts. In the dawn of the office building, in the dark silence on the road, the emergence of a large number of people to follow the crowd to dream, dare to do a large number of young entrepreneurs. Senior mobile Internet industry mentors, Hangzhou college students entrepreneurship Club Instructor, Zhejiang tinsou Group Chairman Shi Gaotao was also a member of the force in entrepreneurship, in this way, he walked many detours, also experienced a lot of ups and downs, as a person, he would like to now these young entrepreneurs to provide more guidance.

from a green hand green college students, to have IT young, and now to shift business leader, business of the road is a stone, striking one snag after another sinister appearing. From his own entrepreneurial experience, now tell the young entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, early perspicacity and decisive action is very important, while the latter is the need to adhere to the beginning of the heart, and always adhere to not give up, do not compromise, so as to achieve the dream.

Shi Gaotao in 2005 to enter the field of mobile Internet, when the industry is still in the initiation stage, technology development is not mature, the market for mobile Internet acceptance is not high, but Shi Gaotao with keen sense and business sense, firmly optimistic about the future development prospects of mobile internet. With the dedication to the dream of the mobile Internet and forward-looking ideas of confidence, in many questioned and opposed, he resolutely move e-commerce as their entrepreneurial direction. In the next more than and 10 years, stone who in reality results verify the correctness of the choice of.

In addition,

, the stone that is easy to start a business, entrepreneurs in the beginning will be full of confidence, but after a long time of grinding and frustration of baptism, many people are unable to withstand the temptation of new choice, finally give up halfway, so stick to the beginning of the heart do not forget the original intention is very important. For Shi Gaotao, one of the key factors in his success, because more than and 10 years always adhere to the dream, even experienced more frustration and pain, always adhere to the entrepreneurial heart, do not forget to shift business dreams, for which he paid more effort than others. He believes that in the entrepreneurial process, when the passion of the entrepreneurial retreat, if you can stick, but also pay, then it has been a big step towards success.

saw the trend, keen judgment, decisive action; concentrate, persevere, forget early heart "is Shi Gaotao to present the younger guests wisdom of proverbs, he hoped that these young people can start on the road, down to earth, to work, and the ultimate success of their dreams.


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