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2014 social media marketing needs to understand these ten things

introduction: you need to create more "noise" in social media, which requires you to constantly innovate and constantly create continuously, one step ahead.


2014 social media marketing we need to understand these ten things (something we have studied, some have not…… ).

1 every year, video as a medium is becoming more and more important, but at the same time, the production of appropriate video content has become increasingly difficult. This past has repeatedly said that many times, in the past few years, the video appeared resurgence, and in 2014, the enterprise has been rewarding from making a good video content and marketing activities. Brand video content is not only included in the Vine and Instagram (companies gradually found in these platforms can attach a lot of brand value) above those short videos, there are a lot of video and YouTube content.

2, the industry itself is preparing for the next year to subvert innovation technology. At present, most of the discussion, no doubt iPhone 6 and its own NFC function. There are iWatch, and before it caused no small sensation Google glasses. In fact, there are a lot of discussions (and perhaps some fears) around the potential for disruptive innovation and how they will affect the use of social media next year. Interestingly, although many people say that technology will have an impact on social media, but few people can accurately say what kind of marketing. However, virtual reality technology is very important, such as Oculus Rift, it can not only subvert the social media, and even subvert the way people share the future. We can not deny that, of course, is also very interesting.

3, in the next few years, Africa will become the focus of the development of the brand market. Tech giants such as Facebook and Google, they will continue to work on their own initiative, the use of smart phones connected to the African continent. Many adventurous brands also became interested in the African market, not only the beginning of the layout, but also began to formulate relevant rules of the game. When they start doing this, the following points should be considered in place:

? Don’t see Africa as a homogeneous market. In fact, Africa is five different markets (East, West, north, South, central).


Africa there is a serious paradox of high technology, some communities can quickly apply unmanned aircraft, but there is no tap water…

African countries have a distinguishing feature, that is, they have the world’s most populous young people, in the near future, this will form a huge purchasing power.

in Africa, mobile phones are not the first screen". In most cases, it is the only screen".

? Africans is optimistic, aspiring I


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