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Waterfront use soft Wen promotion website practice summary

website promotion can be said that there is no technical work, but need some tips on the website, online promotion methods introduced by the hundreds of thousands, the theory is correct, but in practice, it is not necessarily suitable for their website types. Wangzhuan classic article network for a week to promote the work on their own website, he summed up a bit, one can let oneself after come back to look at their own experience, I hope you see my feelings and experiences, to own website promotion reference. This is where I write this article. There is no truth in this era, today, I posted some screenshots, although the results are not very good, but at least no one said I was talking about the theory of things. No reliability.

my site from the content to the line, I was the first to use the soft Wen promotion, within a week, I insist every day a original article, sent to the A5, CHINAZ, JZ123 and a few other country’s most popular portal Webmaster Station, the effect is good. Take a look at my direct input URL to the traffic statistics screenshot:

with this picture, let me analyze. You can see the 2009-09-20 Sunday directly enter the URL to the highest IP, 89. Since the day I released a Maxivista you use English station to earn dollars LEAD article, A5 editors to recommend this article to the home page, so increase the exposure rate. This is the site traffic screenshot in September 20th, because it is just to do the promotion, traffic is not very high. Plus the way, the day GG is the highest income, $$1.05. For a flow rate is not high in the new station, one day this income is the power station I continue to do.

September 20th day IP traffic screenshot

September 15th officially put the GG advertising to 25 of the revenue screenshot

soft, No. 18, No. 19, No. 22 in the A5 hair and not at home shows, so directly enter the URL to IP is low, a seed bank No. 23 released: a 23 year old young people from the gambler into the sad history of the webmaster in the A5 page display. Direct input URL IP is also good. The CHINAZ, ZJ123, I found that the number of times the article was clicked and A5 far worse than, and CHINAZ want to be home page display, there is no certain professional article is very difficult. So I ignored these two stations. So when you write the soft text must be carefully planned, you see the title of these two articles, others see the general point to look at. Of course, the content should be readable. It will hold the. Hee hee.


soft Wen promotion, release site are not enough, I think if you choose to send several or dozens of gas station Wang family, traffic will go up a bit, the executive power will increase, but this week the soft promotion is the most important understanding of a few stationmaster friends compared to the usual QQ chat with them, now also.


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