On how to integrate marketing website

how to integrate marketing in the sharing site, we first look at the way the website marketing.

is a website built after the need to let others know about, there are several ways, 1, is SEO, through the search engine optimization ranking, so as to get traffic from search engines; 2 forum to promote, in some large flow Post Bar forum post, to attract people to your site; 3 mail promotion and through the mail, a sales letter message, in order to win the 4.QQ group. Add a thousand QQ group, and then use mass software to send one by one. However, these methods for the site, although there is a certain effect, but not much user stickiness, most users are browsing, and then paipaipigu leave, most will be second times to open the site. Therefore, in order to make the site’s marketing to achieve the desired results, we need to integrate the site marketing. Ideas are as follows:

a, pay attention to the content of the website

The content of

website is the premise of website promotion and website integrated marketing, very important. Now has entered the era of content is king, you have good content, you will be able to retain users. As mogujie.com, beautiful to say why to keep so many users? Because they are inside the female users provides information about how to dress, how to dress collocation content, this is the most women need, at the same time, users can also be found in the newest clothes, shoes, bags and so on, my love can also feel free to share. There is no doubt that it caters to the needs of women. So, if your site can provide users with some quality content, to meet the needs of users, then, this site will be popular.

two, pay attention to the user experience

all marketing methods, marketing strategies are in order to obtain access to the user. Most of the webmaster want to site users very sticky, the ideal is that they can respond to certain activities launched a hundred responses to a single call, can obtain a large number of users. But this situation from the angle of the webmaster webmaster users need to consider the issue, to consider the issue from the user experience, such as some users feel that the website style is not good, so the webmaster can then consult the views of everyone and then decide not to change. This is the user’s attention. Webmasters pay attention to the site users, users will also attach importance to the interaction within the site.

three, integrated marketing approach

in front, I talked about the two proposals, the reason lies in the previous two points is the premise of the success of integration. That is all to the user as the center, everything revolves around the site and the user, only these two points to do, to be able to increase the probability of success of integrated marketing. The user’s needs, experience is the root, and marketing methods, methods are only minor. So, the way of integrated marketing website? 1 do a good job of SEO, the original content of the website as well as the timeliness of the update, the site of the chain to do well; the 2 in the station >


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