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The optimization and promotion of mobile shopping mall website

recently on the Internet, many friends have asked the optimization and marketing on mobile phone shopping website problems, no wonder they are so eager to ask, why is my this year, is in the mobile phone shopping mall this piece. In the network operation and site optimization of this one, can be said that there should be some experience. (blow up).

friend asked more is "3G mobile phone, mobile phone 3G dual-mode dual card dual standby mobile phone, 3G, 3G intelligent mobile phone" the words, the reasons for the recent 3G mobile phone in the domestic thousand foot waves, how many people are scrambling to try this new product, the following are some of my experience of marketing and Optimization:

on such website optimization:

1, the choice of keywords, in view of the special nature of the industry, so in the choice of keywords at the same time, to take into account the same industry or a dispute over the issue. After I for some of the same shopping site understand after, found that there are many similar shopping network, in the choice of words was not too formal, that is to say they are not improper, the optimized most prominent words to do key. So, I would suggest a friend said, it is best to choose the more popular now, for example, 3G phones, dual-mode 3G phone, dual sim dual standby 3G phone, smart 3G phone, and indeed, the phrase said the friend’s mind!

2, website update. The shopping website and general corporate website is different, is the enterprise website products or news information are immobilized, and the network shopping is not the same, almost every day there are new products, so the frequency of updates is very big, so my idea is that the products do not need one time or one or two days all you can add, staging, such as one or two today, seven or eight tomorrow, of course, I think this is the establishment of a product in the original website, or we will miss the order.

3, the website pictures, this is professional, as the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words, good is like your portal, gives people the impression of direct. So it’s worth noting.

how to expand network operations: this link is very important.

1, reasonable make use of optimized rankings (about how to optimize the above has been talked about, of course), your phone is to apply for a few, if the money is OK a bit, for a 10 Taiwan, ha ha, this is enough manpower.

2, GOOGLE picture advertising. The website is based on a few call him! So, to do this you have to be prepared for advertising, advertising pictures, advertising picture is very important to have products to have the price, but this price can attract people! Personally think that this advertising the frequency directly with the price that you forget about (say, this advertisement is to charge is paid by clicking the oh.


3, always pay attention to the cost of your account, oh, once there is no cost, huh, huh, your ad stopped. So >


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