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Who is eligible to share the Olympic network advertising

      more and more whirling. The event is not only related to the sponsorship fee whether Daleshuipiao, also determines to be hundreds of millions of dollars in the Olympic network advertising cake focused on who cut away.

      the story begins with a lawyer’s letter.

      a sponsor of the Beijing Olympic Games will be a part of their own with Olympic logos in the Sina online advertising network, the sponsor soon received a notice of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee: if you want to advertise on Sina, please remove the Olympic rings logo. Almost at the same time, Sina received a lawyer’s letter from the Beijing Olympic Organizing committee.

      in fact, the Olympic cake competition for a long time.

      Olympic network coverage of the dispute: Sohu to seize

      impression initiative, Sina network coverage alliance challenge

      before this, Sohu became the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Network sponsors, this is the first time in the history of the Olympic games. Been at a "second" Sohu before the game, Sina arena boss. People believe that: Sohu won the Olympic Games, and Sina a step further, no more people to study the specific rights and interests of Sohu.

      Sohu later explained that they have access to the official website of the Beijing Olympic Games, the right to build the Olympic title, the right to use the logo, seems to occupy the first place in the Olympic resources and content.

      "we have a lot of pressure on other sites in terms of Olympic resources and content." Sohu, a source said, several major portals of the Olympic channel can best illustrate the problem, most of our content is original, the other 3 sites original almost zero."

      and a portal to appeal to the netizen is precisely the content, which is the key to a platform to provide the amount of value to advertisers, "website content to attract customers."

      sina is not willing to lose a bureau, in July 19, 2007, Sina joint Tencent, NetEase, announced that the three party officially entered into a strategic partnership in Beijing, the formation of "Olympic coverage alliance". Over time, more sites have joined the alliance.

      Haiberg, chairman of International Olympic Committee’s market development department, said in a media interview on August 6th that, in China, it is still unknown. In other words, Sohu did not get the exclusive network turn >


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